Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm, Halloween, New Website, plus a Blog First. What a week ahead!

Hi, and welcome to this first ever post on my own blog! It’s going up hand in hand with the arrival of my website, fully fledged, on the web. That feels huge! Both are major stepping-stones on the Road to Publication—that last word being the most huge of all. “Publication”. I’m still pinching myself.

About me…well, there’s that wee blurb to the right, and if you’ve arrived on this page via my website you might already have read the bio/info there. So I’ll leave you to browse the site for more, if you’d like. Or not.

So here I am. As a newbie who’s dragged herself slightly kicking and screaming to the blog page (Whaaaa? More to do? Noooo!) I have no idea yet how frequently I’ll post. But my husband has been telling me for ages that once I got started, I’d take to blogging like a ghost to haunting, so we’ll see.

Other than a brief “Hello and watch this space” post, though, I really thought I’d be leaving this page blank for awhile. Then Miriam Forster, a writer friend from The Lucky 13s—a group of MG and YA authors debuting in 2013 that I belong to—asked us Luckies for guest posts on why we wrote our particular book. That sounded like fun, so I replied, Sure! I’m up for it! Thinking, the way you do, that I could put it off for a few weeks. Or preferably months. (But at least I’d have made the commitment. Good for me!) “If you wanted to/had time to put something together by the end of the month,” she wrote back, “I could use it as my Halloween post. If you like. :)”

Halloween? If I’d like? Gulp. But with The Flame in theMist being so full of ghosts, ghouls and creepiness…well, it felt like an ideal, fun kick in my never-yet-blogged butt. So I agreed. Then realized…Halloween was just a few days away. Oh…dfpgtt**!¡!@**!

Well actually, it was perfect. Miriam made it easy by focusing the question more: “Personally, I'd like to know what drew you to spooky, to spiders and rats and creepy atmospheres.” Oh yay! A no-brainer. And guess what? Hubby was right: I loved writing it. It also gave me something to write in this Hello, here I am, post.

So, to read my Official Halloween Post (which I believe will go up Tuesday 30th—I’ll tweet and Facebook it, if Frankenstorm doesn’t knock out our power) head over to Miriam's Blog.

And while you’re there, be sure to read about Miriam's fabulous-sounding YA debut, City of a ThousandDolls, coming Feb. 5th 2013. The synopsis is a real grabber, and the cover is gorgeous! It’s definitely on my to-be-read list.

Et voila: Wings spread! Thanks so much for reading. And feel free to comment… but please be nice.

East coasters in the U.S., stay safe in the storm.

Ta-ta till next time!